Allegan, MI

I made it to dispatch. I found my family waiting for me here. My co-workers and their families were here as well. We stayed for a while and watched the mayhem unfold on TV. The infection spread fast and finally the news broadcasts signed off for good. We stayed along with a group of officers as long as we could. We noticed more and more of the infected outside of the center. The numbers grew and finally they broke through the front door. We had our last stand and barricaded a group of infected in the garage. If you’re here you must stay away from there. We’re headed south while the others are going to Mackinac Island. God help us all!



Mt. Pleasant, MI

I can’t believe this is happening! I came to check out a show and gamble at the Casino and all hell broke loose. I was sitting at a table and I heard people screaming. I looked up and people were running towards me. I panicked and ran but others did too. I trampled over people and I could feel their bones breaking as I stomped over them. I fell and saw people being torn apart. Chunks were taken out of their body. I ran to the garage and stole some keys. If you’re reading this then you may have a chance to escape. I stole keys from the locker for the cars in this garage. The locker closed and locked but the code is 0891. Be safe, I’m headed for Mackinac Island.


Clare, MI

It’s been days since the outbreak. I didn’t think it would reach us. I figured it would be contained in Fennville but I was wrong. I ran from the infected to a local coffee shop where I encountered a horde. I fought as much as I could. I got away and fled to the Days Inn. I feel ill…A deep scratch on my side has become infected..
Getting worse….I’m leaving this note here. I fear I’m becoming one of them. DO NOT COME UP STAIRS TO ROOM 209!


South Bend, IN – Jameson Inn

I had seen the reports online about some virus that turned people into something crazy. Their eyes looked dead and they bit and scratched at those who were healthy. They looked scary on the net but they’re even more scary in person. I’m locked in the storage closet of the bar. I was having a few drinks when I heard screams from the lobby. There was a group that stormed into the bar and attacked several people. I ran and locked myself in the closet. I could hear chewing and bones breaking. I don’t know how much time I have left in here. I have a gun that is strapped to my ankle. If they break in here I’m going to shoot them. If anyone finds this note and I’m dead, reach into my right pocket. I will keep one bullet in there. If there is no chance for survival then you will at least have one bullet for yourself. Good Luck


Breaking News

*****************BREAKING NEWS ALERT – NEWS 8************************

Good evening,

We have been receiving some reports that an outbreak of infection has hit the West Michigan area. There has been no official press release but what we have received are photos and videos from residents in the area. The images are very disturbing and we cannot show them to you on air. So far we know that the first known cases were out of the city of Fennville and Allegan. We have been told that the infection is quickly spreading throughout the area. Emergency officials have been scrambling to pinpoint exactly what is causing the outbreak. We will know more as time goes on. Stay tuned to News 8 for further developments on this breaking story.


****************END TRANSCRIPT******************************************

Hamilton, MI

I made it as far as Hamilton. The infected are everywhere. I stopped to get gas at the Food Center and I nearly escaped a group of infected. I wasn’t scratched, I wasn’t bitten. I’m okay. I hope to see you soon Rebecca. I’m close to dispatch but I’m locked inside the office of the gas station. Once it’s safe I will head out again. I pray that you and the kids are safe.


The Beginning (voice over intro)

A voice over of the original note left for the living.